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FUELTALK is a collective of athletes, coaches, and creatives presenting unique experiences designed to enhance human performance through podcast shows, online-personal training, summits, and travel explorations.




FUELTALK is a podcast media platform that aims to help listeners reach knowledge they can act on. FUELTALK podcasts range from human technology optimization to cannabis seed-to-self journey.

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If you are new to FUELTALK we have podcasts, summits, and travels for you to explore. 

As humans we obtain our energy, fuel source that drives our existence, from various vehicles like nutrition and hydration. However, we are not the same as gasoline fueled cars. Subconsciously or consciously we create intrinsic motivators, we lean on our monkey brain, we are willing to pull the curtain in search of the unmeasurable spiritual energies, and seek to explore how our personalized endocannabinoid systems interact with cannabis along the seed to self journey. At FUELTALK, we are creating a platform anchored by endurance, ingenuity, camaraderie, and flow. You, i, and we are at the center of this experience.


Devotion Frees

Devotion Frees is a podcast about exploring the intrinsic motivators that push endurance athletes, extreme sport junkies, entrepreneurs, and misfits to peak performance. Hear their stories and learn about the tools they utilize to create the perfect environment for performance flow to appear in the now.


Human Performance

There is nobody like you on earth. Individualization in performance sports is not a new concept for our expert coaches in sports nutrition, endurance, and flow. From noobies to elite athletes, your restoration and recovery are essential to sustain peak performance cycles. Join the experience and start unlocking your power with our human performance coaches.


Ministry of Extraction

Ministry of Extraction sheds light on the various interactions connected to the extraction phase of the seed to self journey. We hold conversations with scientists, inventors, engineers, marketers, chemists, farmers, and visionaries to understand the various approaches and interactions with cannabis plants and most importantly the human factor throughout the extraction experience.

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Join Our Movement

We are always in the search of passionate, gritty and visionary humans to join our podcast platform.


Begin Your Adventure

We love bikes, treks, culture, food, plants and all the details that make up the authenticity of our reality. Join us on our next adventure in 2019 as we explore deep PerĂº with our bikes, backpacks, and positive vibes. This is an immersive trip so get ready to discover new things about yourself. 




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Sanam's Rainbow Bridge

Get ready for an ultra sensation meditation for the mind, body, and soul. To the clouds, we reach in search of truth for we know we have to get lost before we find ourselves. Find and turn on your guru lab. Musings & Music to Awaken inner Power & Truth. Poetry that connects to a metaphysical transformation, functioning as a lyrical zen koan. Art that illustrates juxtapositions of color, mediums, styles, and breaks the boundaries and rules of art and esthetics

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This Dirt Life

This Dirt Life is an all inclusive podcast delving into all things Mountain Bike, Great Outdoors and Adventure!

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