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FUELTALK is a collective of athletes, coaches, and creatives presenting unique experiences designed to enhance human performance through podcast shows, online-personal training, summits, and travel explorations.





FUELTALK Human Performance coaching is driven by endurance, nutrition, and flow experts. For the past 5 years we have collaborated and interviewed many experts and professionals in the field of nutrition, endurance sports, health & wellness, and sports psychology. Enter FUELTALK's Human Performance Lab. Consult with our partners and experts in endurance sports, nutrition, and flow.  It's time to unlock the power within you!Our coaches are passionate experts driven by science, research, and personal experience.  We offer our members a personalized and data driven approach to guide them through the complexity and volatility many athletes suffer while attempting to reach or recover from peak performance. Our strategies and tactics most think to be reserved for the elite top-tier professional athletes are now available for your journey.


Endurance Warrior

$900 /6 months

  • Free Training Peaks Login
  • Online Training Log with Power and HR File Upload function
  • Power based and/ or Heart rate-based training
  • Custom built training schedule
  • Communication via email initiated following each training cycle.
  • Nutritional evaluations with RD a-la carte



Nutrition Warrior

$1200 /6 months

  • Sports Performance and Optimization
  • Weight Loss
  • General Wellness
  • Iron Optimization
  • Thyroid, sex, and stress hormones
  • Blood Sugar Optimization
  • Vitamin and Nutrient Optimization



Flow Warrior

$1500 /6 months

  • Sport Psychology and Mental performance training
  • Meditation Training including body scans and breathing techniques
  • Custom built training schedule
  • Communication via email and video following each training cycle
  • Personal workshops every cycle via video
  • Mindful yoga trianing
  • Invition to Warrior Retreat in PerĂº



Unleashed Warrior

$2,500 /6 months

  • Custom package includes endurance, nutrition and flow training features