Episode 31 /// Annika Langvad

MTB Cross Country World Champion - Copenhagen, Denmark

Episode 31: Annika Langvad is the reigning Cross Country World Champion as well as achieving World Champion status in the MTB Marathon distance as well. Annika is from Denmark and is now also a fully qualified dentist! Annika is humble, focused and incredibly talented. I was greatly honored to sit down and chat with her the day before she went out to win the Epic Rides Whiskey 50 race.

Episode 30 /// Rose Grant

4x National Marathon Champion - Colombia Falls, MT

Episode 30: Rose is four time National Marathon Champion and 2016 Epic Series Winner.  When she’s not racing, Rose is spending time in Columbia Falls, Montana with her husband Nelson and three-year-old daughter Layla. With her family supporting her big dreams, Rose finds purpose in her racing by setting a strong example for her daughter, and drawing inspiration from her faith. A master at finding balance as an athlete, mother, and wife (hint:organization is key!).

Episode 29 /// Rachele Pojednic

PhD, EdM is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Simmons College - Boston, MA

Episode 29: Today’s podcast we focus on nutrition and I am so honored to be joined by Dr Rachele Pojednic. Rachele Pojednic, PhD, EdM is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Simmons College and a former research fellow at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Pojednic’s work has a specific focus on physical activity and nutrition interventions for the prevention and treatment of non-communicable chronic disease. She is also the founder of the Strong Process Forum, a one day Boston-based wellness conference that includes three curated panels of scientists, farmers, journalists, athletes, clinicians and innovators designed to integrate evidence based knowledge into the health and wellness space. The Strong Process Forum will bring together leaders in the fields of nutrition and fitness and will be a fantastic event. The date for this is April 8th so I will be unable to attend as that is the weekend of our Women’s Retreat but if you can get to Boston, get your tickets at Strong Process. I did ask her about a tour of this and she is open to this so let’s bring her to Vegas!!

Episode 28 /// Race Recap with Jake Dolla Billings

True Grit 50 From GRO Races - St. George, UT

Episode 28: This week, join Jake Dolla Billings and I for a race recap of True Grit 50 from GRO races. We had a great time out in St George riding bikes, but listen while Lisa dives into different mental game strategies. True Grit is just that. A true mountain bike race which involves the best trails on the west side of St George. From Zen to Barrel roll, and Bear Claw Poppy to Stuckey Springs, this race takes you everywhere. Enjoy our recap of the opening race of the season!

Episode 27 /// Sarai Snyder

Founder of Brazenly - Boulder, CO

Episode 27: This week’s podcast was long overdue. I caught up with Sarai Snyder, founder of Cyclofemme and Girl Bike Love which has now evolved into Brazenly. Sarai is a writer, artist, and activist living in Boulder, Colorado. Her driving passion is inspiring women around the world through transformative outdoor experiences to live a healthier, happier, more empowered life. Sarai is such an interesting woman and has already done so much for women's cycling but continues to grow and evolve as the needs of our community also grow and develops. Sarai is kind-hearted, creative and not afraid of adventure. I'm excited to see her new projects unfold. Without further ado, please welcome to This Dirt Life, Sarai Snyder.

Episode 26 /// Matt Jaskol

Sky Diver & Race Car Driver - Las Vegas, NV

Episode 26: This week Lisa sits down with Matt Jaskol at Makers and Finders in Downtown Summerlin - seriously their lavender lattes are THAT good! Matt is an incredible person who really seems to have done it all! With a history in motorsports, you can now follow Matt’s incredible skydiving adventures all over the world. Matt joins us after being on a secret out of town project with ABC, which we are told we will hear more about in the next few months. Matt embodies the ‘Dirt Life’ experience with his love for travel, adventure and a good challenge!

Episode 25 /// Alexis Billings

Personal Health & Wellness @ Synergy Wellness - Las Vegas, NV

Episode 25: This week I sat down with Alexis Billings of to discuss the mindset of health. Alexis owns her own business in health and wellness coaching and unlike other fad diet or exercise plans, Alexis includes that key ingredient of looking to achieve a healthy mind. Alexis is from California originally but grew up on the East Coast where she also went to college and met her husband, Jake Billings - my awesome training partner. I love how much Alexis challenges me to take a look at my own self limiting beliefs, and she really strives to empower others with strength and self love which I struggle with but try to emulate. We go pretty deep on this podcast but it’s definitely worth the listen! Look forward to hearing what you all think. Enjoy!

Episode 24 /// Amber Hoadley

Professional Bike Fitter & Specialized Ambassador - Bozeman, MT

Episode 24: Amber is a professional bike fitter, bike enthusiast, professional photographer to name a few. I met Amber last year at The Specialized Women’s Summit where we hit it off instantly. Both of us are the eldest of 4 which I think in itself gives its own merit. Amber Is a fantastic resource and is super stoked on bikes. She commutes to work daily, yes even just now in the Montana winter, but knows how to get you stoked on bikes too! If you’re ever in Bozeman, go in and give her a shout!

Episode 23 /// Brooke Froelich

Mother Adventurer - SALT LAKE, UT

Episode 23: Brooke is based out of Salt Lake CIty, UT and is an avid climber, biker, skier and incredible Mother. I met Brooke at the Specialized Ambassadors summit this past year and knew instantly I had to talk more with her. Brooke is doing an amazing job of encouraging other women and especially mothers to get out and enjoy the outdoors, with and without your kid. She is a great inspiration to me, and gives me confidence that if I too were to become a mom, that life is not over… That might sound dramatic but I do hear that or similar remarks a lot. You can follow Brooke’s latest project “growing a skier" in youtube!

Episode 22 /// Jill Kintner

Pro Female Athlete - BELLINGHAM, WA

Episode 22: Jill is arguably the most decorated female athlete of all time with multiple world champion and national champion titles across many disciplines. Competing in Enduro, BMX, 4X, Downhill biking it is safe to say she is simply way stoked on bikes! Jill also designs her own kits and her artwork can also be found on the Tasco MTB products (for that check out Long time Red Bull athlete, Jill continues to push herself and promote the sport. Find out more about what she is doing at

Episode 21 /// Dani Fischer

Iron"wo"man - Indianapolis, Indiana

Episode 21: Today I caught up with Ironman Wisconsin Champion Dani Fischer. Dani and I met in 2014 at an invitational Triathlon in the MidWest and I have been in awe of her and inspired by her since! She became a Professional Triathlete in 2015 but came back to the amateur field in 2017 a stronger, happier and fulfilled athlete. She has some awesome insights and wisdom to share. Enjoy!


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