Episode 1 /// Mind Warrior Meditation

Sanam Erfani

This week we present FUELTALK's newest podcast show, Sanam's Rainbow Bridge. Get ready for an ultra sensation meditation for the mind, body, and soul. To the clouds, we reach in search of truth for we know we have to get lost before we find ourselves. Find and turn on your guru lab. Musings & Music to Awaken inner Power & Truth. Poetry that connects to a metaphysical transformation, functioning as a lyrical zen koan. Art that illustrates juxtapositions of color, mediums, styles, and breaks the boundaries and rules of art and esthetics


Want to drop some truth bombs with Sanam?

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GRAM Sanam @sanamaste

Sanam is an award-winning Actress, artist, playwright, and healer. Sanam is particularly gifted in connecting individuals to their dreams while facilitating deeper self-awareness. The first Iranian-born graduate of Columbia University's Masters of Fine Arts Acting Program, she decided to become an actress after winning two back-to-back national titles in college acting competitions. She is featured in several upcoming indie films, including the film festival award-winning feature "Imitation Girl." Sanam has toured internationally in theatrical productions and has been an athlete since her early teens. A rough water swimmer and cross country runner, she has dedicated herself to the practice of meditation for over twenty years.

°Music and Production by @Huskinopolis
°Mixing and Recording by @Huskinopolis