Devotion Frees Episode #61 with Shane Stuart

Devotion Frees with Shane Stuart

DEVOTION FREES with Shane Stuart

This week on Devotion Frees we drop into flow with Shane Stuart. Shane is a spirited human living in-heart and exploring this world by sharing his love for all things plants, consciousness, and giving. As Co-Owner of the top plant-based restaurant in Las Vegas, Panacea, Shane is driving a positive force throughout his community. Tune in to this inspiring story filled with inner growth, ayahuasca, and self-exploration. 


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Warrior Retreats - Shane Stuart - Cusco, Perú 2017

Warrior Retreats - Shane Stuart - Cusco, Perú 2017

Warrior Retreats - Shane Stuart - Cusco, Perú 2017

Warrior Retreats - Shane Stuart - Cusco, Perú 2017


I grew up with a good family in a good home and loved by many. I was about 14 when I first started using drugs and alcohol profusely and that is where the un-manageability and powerlessness started. By the age of 15 my doctor had me hooked on Adderall for ADDHD. All throughout school I felt broken in the school system that was failing me. I went to three different high schools and I was kicked out of all three. My school experience was largely one of disappointment, not living up to expectations and the feelings of shame that brought with it.
Drive-bys, fighting, steroid use, being arrested, selling drugs, hanging off buildings, by the time I was 18 I’d already lived many lives. I know that darkness exists. I have lived with it and in it. I know its blindness. I know its aloneness. I know it's eerie silence. I was forced to look in the mirror and really look at myself. Look deep into my soul, past my skin, eyes, and my body.
Nothing exists without its opposite. An opposite exists because one completes the other. They are not separate. They are one. They are only whole together. When I think about where I am, where I’ve been, and where I am going, I wouldn’t change a thing about my past. Without having had to crawl my way out of darkness, one small agonizing, hopeless step at a time, I would not know how amazing it is to be in the light. I would not be able to love its warmth basking in the sun. 
The deeper the darkness, the more light you will see. 

A story about discovery and self-love not to be confused with recovery and addiction.

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Panacea  - Shane Stuart - 2018

Panacea - Shane Stuart - 2018